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Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

With a huge trading volume which is about $5 trillion a day, the Foreign exchange market is still the largest financial market in the world.The uniqueness of this market is undeniable due to its geographical ... Read more >>
The United Kingdom’s tax, payments and customs authority has clarified its view on how cryptocurrency will be taxed. New guidelines published by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) explain the approach... Read more >>
China is about to become the first world’s country to issue domestic cryptocurrency. The government plans to provide the digitized currency to commercial banks and other institutions, then ... Read more >>
The Investor Compensation Regime operates in Hong Kong since 2003. As part of the regime, the compensation fund provides a compensation coverage but only covers losses in respect of securities and futures ... Read more >>
Some argued that without integrating digital assets in the daily activities of people, cryptocurrency will not go mainstream. Well, 2020 will be the year when thousands of people will be able to buy their ... Read more >>
It is very likely that soon Bahamians will have their own digital currency. The Central Bank of the Bahamas disclosed the plans to issue their own electronic money and establish digital currency as a legal tender.... Read more >>
Starting from 2019, all UAE entities conducting “relevant activities” (explained further) will be obliged to meet certain legal requirements. These are “economic substance regulations” requiring the UAE companies to demonstrate ... Read more >>
Two Japanese companies have been cooperating for two years on local cryptocurrency and now are launching a trial of a local digital coin. Mitsubishi Research Institute and Kintetsu Shimakaze railway company introduced... Read more >>
This week the Bermuda Government announced that the country is ready to accept digital currency for government taxes, services, and fees payments. Bermuda thereby became the first government providing ... Read more >>

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