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Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

Last week Archax - institutional-grade exchange for trading asset-backed tokens (digital securities, security tokens, etc.), announced becoming Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated digital ... Read more >>
Last week Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), together with the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV), introduced a draft bill on blockchain-based digital securities.... Read more >>
Despite India’s 1.3-billion population, digital asset businesses are a $80 billion remittance industry, and the fact that India has been identified as the land of opportunity for cryptocurrency and the global... Read more >>
In May 2020 the European Commission put forward a series of measures designed to further strengthen the EU's framework to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. The European Commission has ... Read more >>
On July 22 the Russian State Duma introduced new legal framework legalizing cryptocurrencies in Russia and also properly defining them. Draft law was approved by legislative branch in the third reading and the new... Read more >>
As the world is focusing on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and financial crimes benefiting from COVID-19 fears skyrocketed in recent months the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) ... Read more >>
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is not major country that comes to mind when somebody talks about foreign exchanges, but there appears to be a growing trend where a number of companies are being established for the purpose ... Read more >>
The Central Bank of Lithuania announced in April of 2018 that it was exploring the possibility of issuing its own digital currency. Two years later, in July of 2020 Lithuania is about to issue the first central bank-produced digital ... Read more >>
Fintech giant PayPal could potentially be making an entrance into the cryptocurrency market by offering its clients the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. PayPal plans to carry out direct sales of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users.... Read more >>

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