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A Blockchain Education Network: the new era of scholastics

...hain-based system to prevent falsified documentation from being used. The system tokenizes records onto the blockchain to prevent fraud. It also allows students to retrieve their records at any time without the need for third-party involvement. **crowdfunding** **One of the best features gained through the use of blockchain-based protocols is the ability to crowdfund.** Schools could use thi...

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ICO vs IPO. Main differences

...PO. Even despite the fact that the names ICO and IPO sound very alike and many people think that their purposes are very similar, there are many differences between them. **The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new fundraising method or a means of crowdfunding for new blockchain companies, which includes creating and selling tokens for the purpose of raising capital and launching the project.** ...

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South Africa’s Introduction to Crypto Regulation

...r domestic payment purposes,” and be regulated accordingly. IFWG informed that payments using crypto assets will, in the interim period, be subjected to a regulatory sandbox approach. IFWG’s policy calls for more regulations in the blockchain crowdfunding sector. Regulators believe that it is important to align these activities to current securities regulations in the country. The policy me...

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