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FINRA grants extended deadlines for companies to report their crypto activities

...latory Authority (FINRA), a self-regulatory body for brokerages and exchanges within the country requested its members to report on their involvement with crypto.** FINRA has recently extended its deadline for firms to report their involvement in crypto activities. It is presumed, that this was made due to the last week’s commotion over Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project and its potent...

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Lawyers’ Lobbying Efforts result in lifting Crypto-Ban in Vanuatu

...- Genia continues. “This amendment placed Vanuatu in the major league, with other, more established, jurisdictions that Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. have already been using since 2017 to represent clients in issuing coins and engage with other blockchain crypto activities, such as Gibraltar, Switzerland, Singapore, Malta, and Estonia. The amendment seeks to expand the possibilities for already-licensed...

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Head of the Estonian Financial Watchdog Endangers Crypto License Holders

...ct cardinally and very quickly,” Maeker commented on the topic of the people being unaware of the risks that cryptocurrencies carry. That said, the official expressed his concerns on issues like money laundering and terrorism financing via illegal crypto activities. “The public does not know the amount (in the cryptographic business) or the risks associated with it,” he added. As of today...

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From now on, Cryptocurrency Transactions are under strict AML regulation in Israel

...l money transfer. In the latest Israeli media reports it is stated that cryptocurrency assets will now fail under strict anti-money laundering rules of Israel, which is another country’s step in their policy of tightening the grip around unlawful crypto activities under its jurisdiction. According to the article by The Jerusalem Post, Israeli Authority for Combating Terror Financing and Mon...

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