Why cryptocurrency is the future of electronic cash systems

...which charge high fees. **Cryptocurrencies offer the ability to process payments with far lower fees.** This means that merchants don’t have to worry about raising prices on products just to offset payment processing costs. Merchants can use crypto payments to keep more profits and eliminate the middlemen. This is something that had previously been difficult to achieve in the era of digita...

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Russia is considering to allow crypto trading

...sian Ministry of Finance has recently met with the Central bank and the Federal Security Service in order to discuss the aforesaid bill. Amid the discussed possibilities, currently the priority is to allow the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. crypto payments at present are not discussed. The country is reportedly considering to permit cryptocurrency trading, although a final decision is ...

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In 2020 Starbucks will allow you to buy coffee using Bitcoin

... It is safe to say that Bakkt’s cooperation with Starbucks is a smart move. The coffeehouse chain has about 30,000 stores globally and people nowadays are really into the coffee culture. Prior to this, Starbucks has already brought up plans on crypto payments, however, the process was halted. Also, Bakkt has faced various challenges including a slow setup and delays in project launches. Alth...

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