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Russia is considering to allow crypto trading

**Russian government is actively discussing the idea of allowing cryptocurrency trading.** The country’s major crypto bill on “Digital Financial Assets" is already being drafted, and Deputy Minister of Finance, Alexei Moiseyev, informed what should be expected when the legislation is finally passed: *"There is a range of possibilities from prohibition to the possibility of purchase. Like w...

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Crypto-Friendly bank ‘freeze’ bank account

...mean there are not options for you or your company, with a regulated banking provider who have the features we expect from a bank. Complaints from customers being locked out of their bank accounts are very common. If you are looking to engage in cryptocurrency trading or crypto-related business, you seem to be at greater risk of having your account blocked or frozen. It can happen to any of ...

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Government of India working on law to ban crypto trading

... Currently government of India is preparing to ban digital currencies trade again by introducing a new law. The government has been consulting with the law ministry, ministry of information and technology, and the RBI to draft a framework to ban cryptocurrency trading in India. Government official has told that there was a view in the government that banning cryptocurrency trade through a ...

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Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission changing its previous "opt-in" approach

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) will stipulate the regulations of all cryptocurrency trading companies operating in Hong Kong’s jurisdiction. The following activities is an extension of the crypto regulations introduced by the SFC in November last year. Hong Kong is considered as the base of many major cryptocurrency exchanges, but until November 2019, they were not reg...

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