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World Bank launches first global blockchain bond-i and raises AU$110 million

...the bond include TD Securities, IHS Markit, Microsoft, and King & Wood Mallesons. **The World Bank regards blockchain as having the possibility to simplify processes among numerous debt capital market intermediaries and agents.** However, some financial organizations stay skeptical as to the actual advantages of distributed ledger technology. For instance, in June 2018, the Netherlands centr...

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The government of Zimbabwe is willing to treat bitcoin same way Switzerland does

...ed. In view of this the minister urged other countries to pay attention to modern technologies in crypto industry. *“...If these countries can see value in this and where it's headed, we should also pay attention,”* he said. However, some financial organizations stay skeptical as to the actual advantages of cryptocurrency related technologies. For instance, earlier this year the Netherl...

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Singapore clarified new requirements for digital advisors

...making life easier for digital investment consultants that operate as financial advisers. The MAS has made great progress in facilitating the use of modern technologies in the financial services area. The above-mentioned requirements apply to all financial organizations offering digital advisory services in Singapore. Digital advisory services involve the use of automatic tools, and may come in...

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines requested FATCA and CRS reporting deadline extension

**The government of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines is requesting further extension of reporting deadline**, related to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and common reporting standard (CRS). Under the FATCA and the CRS financial organizations are obliged to report on the assets held by their foreign account owners to their home tax jurisdictions. Like other respective subjects, Sa...

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