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The government of zimbabwe is willing to treat bitcoin same way Switzerland does

Recently **Mthuli Ncube, the new minister of Finance in the Republic of zimbabwe has stated that it is in the country’s interest to enforce Bitcoin at a national level**,similar to the way Switzerland does. Referring to the Swiss central bank’s “investment and understanding” in Bitcoin, the financial minister said he will communicate with the Reserve Bank of zimbabwe (RBZ) to follow t...

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How political unrest affects cryptocurrency?

...s a safe place to store value in the event of political upheaval, for example, when fiat currency is swiftly losing value. This is how cryptocurrency is connected to political instability. In countries that are enduring economic crises (for instance zimbabwe, Venezuela), the popularity of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is increasing. Indeed, this may be an easy option for protecting assets. Po...

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FATF votes to greylist Malta. Global anti-financial crime watchdog advises enhanced monitoring for Malta

...ader Bernard Grech described the decision as a "punishment for the entire nation" and urged the government to set up a unity task force to limit the greylisting damage. The FATF “grey list” includes 19 other countries ranging from Albania to zimbabwe. It includes strife-torn countries such as Syria, Yemen and Myanmar as well as tax havens such as Panama and the Cayman Islands. Due to r...

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